Bea's magical rings

Pattern for the magical rings.
This pattern is for a necklace (or a bracelet) .
It is called magical because you can change the necklace any time you want.
It is made of a number of i-cord rings. One ring can be opened but the rest is closed.

Make as many I-cords as you want. They can be of any color, yarn type or thickness.
Mine where rather thin.

Yarn suggestion: I used some yarn I had that was for neeldes 2 mm. most of the times you need less then one skein.
Needle suggestion: Use the needle appropriate for the yarn. I used 2mm.
Material needed: small press studs.

Cast on 3, 4, 5 or 6 sts using double pointed needles. Knit, don't turn.
Slip the sts back to the beginning of the needle and k the row again.
Continue in this manner until you have a short length of knitting, pull down on the cord and the gap at the back will close.
Continue until the cord is 17 cm(6,5 inch).
Thread the yarn through the sts and to the beginning of the i-cord, to make it into a circle.
Like this.

Make some more rings and put them together like this.
Then make one i-cord and do not connect, but sew on some small press studs.
And put this I-cord to both ends of the necklace.
When you think you never going to change the necklace you can sew the ends together instead.

You can change colors, but you can also connect the rings in another way.

Anyway, have fun.


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